Child Support

Child Support

Bay Area Family Law Center believes that both parents owe and should share the duty to support their child(ren). This is very true, even if the parents can’t get along and have a rocky relationship. Child Support refers to the amount of money the custodial parent may receive from the non-custodial parent in order to support the child(ren)’s expenses. Examples of expenses include, but not limited to; food, shelter, clothing, medical expenses, education costs, etc.. Bay Area Family Law Center strives to always have the best interest of your child(ren) in mind.

Calculating Child Support

After gathering the necessary information from both parents and evaluating each parents’ circumstances, our Attorneys utilize a complex software program to compute, based on a formula, the correct amount of Child Support that should be rewarded.

The amount of Child Support a parent receives is dependent upon each situation and other unique details. The following are some common considerations that can affect the outcome of awarded Child Support:

  • How much each parent makes
  • The number of children each parent needs to support
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the child(ren)
  • Other expenses each parent has
  • Any special needs
Effective Date of Child Support

Usually, Child Support commences retroactively, back to the date in which you file a motion for the Child Support. So, each day that the recipient spouse has not filed for Child Support, is another day without being paid Child Support. Therefore, immediately seeking out a Family Law Attorney that is experienced with Child Support is extremely important.

Child Support Modification

If circumstances of either parent has changed since the time of the Child Support order was issued, a modification of the order may be entitled. For example: Did either parent lose or gain employment?; Has either parents’ income increase or decreased? One of our experienced Family Law Attorneys can help determine entitlement of modification towards the support of your child.

Disputing Child Support

If you need to dispute the amount of Child Support you are paying, or receiving, our experienced Family Law Attorneys can help obtain a deviation from standard utilized computer guideline for the amount of Child Support that should be paid/received.

Enforcing Child Support

If you have been awarded to receive Child Support but are not receiving it, one of our knowledgeable Family Law Attorneys can help take the appropriate legal actions to help you collect what is owed. In California, enforcing Child Support payments is taken very strongly and gives parent tools to collect payments from the delinquent parent. Having a Family Law Attorney that knows how to use these tools, can help get you the payments that you are entitled to, so you child(ren) are taken care of.

Hiring An Experienced Child Support Attorney

Having one of our experience Family Law Attorneys on your side can have a significant impact on the numbers that go into determining the proper amount of Child Support. For example: What actually counts as “income”?; How are expenses calculated?; How are non-traditional forms of income handled? Are there any hidden assets? Child Support can have a huge impact on your child(ren)’s quality of life for many years. It’s important that you get it right.

For assistance on a Child Support issue, contact our office today (925-258-2020) and setup a consultation with one of our Family Law Attorneys.

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